Is Ubuntu the new Linux?

I’ve found this today at the shoes website, and I think it’s not the first time I see someone using the Ubuntu logo or name to refer to a Linux system.

If rms already had a bad time trying to convince people to use GNU/Linux instead of Linux, it seems he is getting more work to do🙂

13 thoughts on “Is Ubuntu the new Linux?

  1. Well, it should be. Or more likely Kubuntu when Intrepid comes out😉

    An infinite number of distros that are basically the same, just having another name/logo = duplication of effort, come on, wtf?!

    Go (K)Ubuntu!

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  3. @Mackenzie: Tux may be cuter, but it doesn’t mean it makes a good logo. Good logos = simple designs most of the time. (KISS rule has a great value when it comes to logo designs; the more easier to remember&draw by non artist, the better; also tux = a penguin, which hardly have individualism from one to another ~ all the same, but lot of duplicated effort xD )

  4. I had a similar experience IRL a good many years ago. I saw a sign that said something like “Requires Windows 2000 or later, or Linux 8.1 or later” — obviously a result of Red Hat’s dominant position (at the time).

  5. RE: RMS — While he is technically correct in saying that it is a GNU+Linux Operating System. Ubuntu is much more than a Linux kernel and GNU tools, which technically just gives you a text mode interface. RMS is *NOT* a marketing guy. Linux is easy to say, GNU is not. GNU is an amusing acronym but it is not marketing friendly like the word “Ubuntu”. If we went by RMS’ speak we should be saying, “Ubuntu, a GNU+Linux+Xorg+OpenOffice dot org+Mozilla operating system” and that is never going to happen.

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  7. And on they even use the Ubuntu logo for “(Linux, BSD)” – ouch. That makes me wonder whether the toolkit actually works on any Linux besides Ubuntu, or on BSD at all😀

    @DreadKnight: how often have you already drawn the Vista/MacOSX/Ubuntu/Tux logo?

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