Shop in Amazon from your iPhone with iBuy

Yesterday, I wrote a simple web application to buy from amazon using your iPhone. It’s meant to help if you are in a store and want to check the price of a product in Amazon and buy it from there.

That’s why you enter the barcode directly. I’ll probably add some search by title or author, but for now, it works for its original purpose: save money.

Check it out at

It’s an early release so it can be buggy. If you have found a bug or have some suggestions, leave a comment

22 thoughts on “Shop in Amazon from your iPhone with iBuy

  1. Too good to be true. There is no direct way to use the camera from a website. Also the quality of the image is not very good, so it’d be difficult to decode the barcode.

    Anyway, I plan to do some testing with image recognition, but I’m not sure if it’ll work. This is how doog the image gets:

  2. Shouldn’t you, a GNU/Linux user, and with freedom in mind (I believe), be against the DRM-infected PDA-wannabe iPhone?

    Don’t get me wrong, I would just like to know your opinion of why buy an iPhone with so many good alternatives out there. The FreeRunner, comes to mind.

  3. I’m not against iPhone at all. I love the idea of freerunner but it’s not there yet.

    From their website

    As the hacker’s dream toy: it is fully functional. As a GSM: some people are using it also to receive and place phone calls. As a GPS: critical bugs are still being ironed out. As an alarm clock, media player, internet browser, game console, email reader and contacts manager: software is not stable yet.

    At this time, the freerunner is a “phone” for developers. I wanted a “phone” for users.

    And AFAIK, DRM is only a problem if you buy from the iTunes store

  4. @Vadim P.:
    This is his personal blog, not a forum or a mailing list. So STFU.

    Fucking blog police.

  5. Quim: about 3 hours. It’s quite simple app. I only did another first, but is only useful to take buses in Zaragoza🙂

    Tiago: I found that article today while researching the freeruner, and while its partially true, I find it exaggerated. I keep saying, I didn’t have any apps or music in my previous phones, so even with DRM is a big improvement. Freeruner is a great idea, and I’ve been dreaming with something like that since I got my first phone, but for now I need something that actually works.

  6. @Some guy from teh interwebz: yeah, so he’s free to keep it off the planet and just to his blog. stfu 2, anonymous kiddy.

  7. @Vadim P.:
    Keep it of the planet? He didn’t post it to the planet, that’s not how planets work, the planet aggregated it from him. The planet give you window to what the developers think. You like it, good, you don’t, go do something else instead of being a whiny bitch.

    Posting on some guys’ blog telling them what they can and can’t write, what an asshole you are.

    PS:”Vladim P.” is as anonymous as “Some guy from teh interwebs”, I even looked it up, so STFU.

    PPS:Sorry blog owner for the flames, I have low tolerance for bullshit.

  8. First the positive: It’s a really nice app, i like it!

    Now the negative: Why do you use your web-app to make advertising for the iPhone? It seems like this app can be used with every device which gives you a browser. So why make it sound like it is something special which only exists/works for the iPhone?

  9. Jorge, I don’t appreciate your “STFU” responses on a blog post syndicated on Ubuntu Planet. How is that within our Ubuntu code of conduct in any way ?

    Quite frankly I am really disappointed at your attitude, as indeed this has nothing to do with Ubuntu, but now you’ve elevated it to going against our code of conduct.

    Planet syndicates blogs that have been uploaded to its feeds file by their owners (Ubuntu members), not the other way around. In fact you personally have to explicitly add you blog so it’s syndicated.

    So in effect you are pushing your content to it, not the other way around. If this is an honest mistake, so be it. You can set category feeds to be part of Planet so you can post anything you want but only syndicate specific posts.

  10. Fabian, those comments are not mine. While I might agree with the content he could be way more polite. Even when I proudly own a STFU t-shirt, I wouldn’t have comments enabled if I didn’t want feedback🙂

    About “pushing”, I’m considering the creation of an Ubuntu or Open Source category, but I’m sure that planet *pulls*
    content from blogs and not the other way

    Also, I’m not really sure how they do that, but planet mysql only shows mysql related posts, no matter what you put on your personal blog

  11. Agreed, the bold titles confused me.

    I still think such comments shouldn’t be there, however that’s for you to decide – invoking our CoC for that is stretching it a bit😉

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