More aliases: Firefox keywords

I keep on with my productivity little tricks. This time I’m sharing some of my firefox shortcuts. I’m not in the mood for explaining how to actually install these, so check out the excellent article Firefox and the art of keyword bookmarking, if you need help.

# Dictionary search

# Yahoo finance stock

# Wikipedia page

# Search in MySQL website/manual

# BitTorrent search

# Ruby documentation

# Google search (experimental version with keyboard shortcuts)

# Google search (I'm feeling lucky)

# eBay search

# Post current page in delicious
pkd javascript:location.href=''+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title)

# My delicious (with tag support)

By the way, I haven’t typed all these urls. In your firefox user dir (~/.firefox or ~/.mozilla), there should be a places.sqlite file.

Some sqlite love actually helps🙂

sqlite> SELECT k.keyword, p.url FROM
	moz_bookmarks b
	JOIN moz_places p ON =
	JOIN moz_keywords k ON = b.keyword_id
	WHERE b.keyword_id IS NOT NULL;

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